Meet the family

Our Antenatal Class instructors, who are qualified and practicing Midwives, truly believe that knowledge is power and our goal is to help prepare and empower parents!


Susan Hogan

Co-Founder, Midwife and Head of Antenatal Education

Sue is co-founder of The Baby Academy, Midwife, Antenatal Instructor and a busy Mum of two. With over 15 years’ experience Sue has worked in all areas of Midwifery such as Delivery Suite, Antenatal wards, Postnatal wards, the DOMINO program and currently manages The Antenatal Education Department in one of Ireland’s largest Maternity Hospitals.


Jean Rooney

Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Jean is a Midwife with over 15 year’s experience and also a Mum of two. She has been providing antenatal education for 7 years and is hugely passionate about helping expectant parents prepare for the wonderful journey ahead. She has worked in all areas of midwifery in both a hospital and community setting.


Louise May

Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Louise began her midwifery career in 2007 after initially training as a Nurse and brings her extensive experience to The Baby Academy having worked in antenatal, delivery and postnatal care, both in the hospital and as a Community Midwife. Louise is hugely passionate about parent education and women’s health and is a Mum to two children.

Aisling Shinnick The Baby Academy

Aisling Shinnick

Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Aisling is a Midwife working in Cork University Hospital. With extensive experience in the labour ward and postnatal ward, Aisling brings a wealth of knowledge to expectant parents. Aisling is hugely passionate about parent education and has completed the specialist antenatal education course in UCC. Aisling is widely-regarded as an antenatal expert and is passionate on sharing her wealth of knowledge to expectant first time parents in the Munster Region.

As well as our 1-day Antenatal Class, we also run 3-hour Parent First Aid classes (this is for those that are not attending the Antenatal Class), as well as corporate workshops. Knowing that you are learning from experts gives you confidence to make the decisions that work best for you.


Aisling Killoran

Hypnobirthing Instructor

Aisling is a Hypnotherapist with over 25,000 clinical hours. She qualified from the Institute of Hypnobirthing in 2003 and was one of Ireland’s first Hypnobirthing Practitioners, having now supported over 2,500 couples to date. Aisling is passionate in helping couples be more confident and self-empowered in the lead up to and during the birth of their baby.


Erica Hargaden

Certified Sleep Consultant

Erica is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant who offers sleep consultancy and support services to parents experiencing sleep issues. As a mother of three kids, she has had her own brush with sleep deprivation and understands what is involved with getting on top of issues within a family context. Erica has extensive experience working with families both nationally and internationally.

Niamh Gaffney

Niamh Gaffney

Paediatric First Aid Instructor

Niamh is an experienced emergency medical technician. As a specialist in paediatric first aid, Niamh’s time is split between teaching nationally recognised health and safety courses, as well as treating patients.Niamh is passionate about babies and previously worked in the childcare sector delivering programmes for pre-school children.


Irene Lowry


Irene is a Counsellor with a philosophy that is one of listening and supporting parents back to positive emotional well-being. In 2011 she founded ‘Nurture’, a unique and vibrant nationwide counselling and training support service, supporting women and partners with conception, pregnancy and child-birth issues. In 2015 Irene won the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland ‘For Impact’ award and The Baby Academy is delighted to now partner with Nurture, to ensure we can help and support parents. Irene is a regular in the media and regularly appears on TV and radio.

Elaine O'Rourke

Elaine O’Rourke

Paediatric First Aid Instructor

Elaine is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner who has specialized in Children’s Emergency Care and works in Ireland’s busiest Children’s Emergency Department. She is a mum of two beautiful children and is also a certified ACLS instructor who provides Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training internationally to healthcare professionals involved in the provision of care to acutely ill infants and children. Elaine has a huge passion in the area of children’s health promotion and accident prevention.

Here at The Baby Academy we are looking to grow our team so that we can empower as many mothers and fathers as possible. If you are a Midwife, Doctor, Consultant, Nurse, Health professional, or if you would like to work with our ever-growing office support team, please get in touch: reception@babyacademy.ie. We’re looking for people who are passionate about helping parents.