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Aiding Ireland’s Health System

The Baby Academy appreciates the incredible people in Ireland’s public health system. At times there can be a strain on nurses, doctors, midwives, consultants and other health professionals and we wish for our services to take pressure off the health system and off Irish tax payers.

Knowledge can prevent hospital admissions and waiting lists and at The Baby Academy we have a goal of empowering families with the knowledge by providing the most up-to-date and evidence-based information.

We feel a profound civic responsibility to ensure our health system is the best that it can be. We don’t wish for a good healthcare system, but rather a great healthcare system, one that will give people the best of care that they deserve.

Nurture Health Partnership

Whilst we hope pregnancy, birth and parenthood are a positive experience, we understand that pregnancy and life after a new born can be difficult for some. The Baby Academy has partnered with Nurture Health, a nationwide counselling service, delivering immediate, timely and affordable counselling supports surrounding conception, pregnancy, childbirth and other related difficulties.

Collectively, we understand that pregnancy and life after a new born can be difficult for some and this partnership hopes to break the silence around this by helping women and their partners. The areas of wellbeing supported are: (i) Depression in Pregnancy (ii) Postnatal Depression (iii) Premature Babies (iv) Traumatic Birth (v) IVF (vi) Miscarriage (vii) Loss of a Baby (viii) Plus other related life choices such as non judgmental support around a termination

For more information and support, please visit www.nurturehealth.ie