Hypnobirthing Class Preparation

Hypnobirthing Class: Meet Aisling

My name is Aisling, Hypnobirthing Instructor at The Baby Academy and I look forward to meeting you.

It would be fantastic if you could read the information on this page before you attend the class.

Firstly, please find two audio tracks below. These are important as they will help you achieve the most from Hypnobirthing.

There is no time like the present to put some time aside for both you and baby, so please feel free to dive straight in and notice how quickly you begin to feel relaxed!

I would recommend listening to the audio tracks while resting somewhere comfortable, as it’s time out for you and baby.

Your Free Audios

Note: When you press play, give the audio a few moments to load

Track 1: Hypnobirthing Conditioning

These tracks are NOT to be listened to while driving as they may make you sleepy.

The Affirmations can be listened to while taking public transport, or when it suits you, but never while operating heavy machinery.You can alternate between the two audios or listen to one before the other.

Why Listen to audios?

The conditioning and affirmation audios are an important part of your hypnobirthing journey and will empower you with; confidence, self-belief and optimism through your pregnancy and baby’s’ birth!

The audios are designed to prepare your mind, body and baby for your birthing day and suitable to listen to from week 14 on. For maximum benefit it is best played each day or night before you go to bed.

As you listen to the audios, you will shortly begin to notice that:

  • You feel much calmer
  • You sleep more deeply
  • You feel more relaxed, in control of your pregnancy and your birth!
  • You will feel less stressed and more relaxed!

The audios provide great support to you and your baby that you can also listen to on the day you give birth!

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are one liners that will help you remain positive, confident and optimistic, as you look forward to the birth of your baby. Affirmations are great in supporting and relaxing you through your pregnancy and also in preparation for giving birth. Best to be listened to frequently, and each sentence repeated after my voice, especially during those early months in helping you deepen your connection with your baby.

Is there anything else?

Many people find the amount of information about Hypnobirthing overwhelming. If you are looking to select a hypnobirthing book and are not sure which one to purchase, well your Instructor Aisling has taken all the stress and overwhelm out of this for you, as she has read them all and feels that one of the best one’s for us in Ireland is Hypnobirthing by Katharine Graves .
Look forward to seeing you soon,

Aisling, Instructor at The Baby Academy