FAQs about Online Antenatal Class

FAQs about Online Antenatal Class

With antenatal classes being cancelled in hospitals and venues across Ireland, our team of midwives have developed a live antenatal class to support expectant couples during this time. Below are some of the features that our class involves to help provide 1st time parents with the knowledge to make the best decisions for them and their baby.

Live and Interactive

The class is live and takes place on our tailored online platform. Attendees have the ability to ask questions and this best replicated a real-life class.

Access for 6 Months

You will receive a recording of the class, which you can re-watch, pause and rewind as you like for 6 months.

Ongoing Resources

You will receive access to our resource page, where you can access a host of practical videos and content. You will also receive a copy of the days notes, which you can refer back to on your phone, laptop or desktop at anytime.

Virtual Tour of Delivery Suite

You will receive access to a virtual tour of a delivery suite, as we understand hospital tours are currently cancelled.

Pregnancy and COVID-19

Attendees can ask questions at any time, giving you the ability to ask any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy and Covid-19.