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  • Here at The Baby Academy, we had an idea to modernise antenatal education for first-time expectant couples. We went on a mission to find Ireland's most loved and passionate Midwives. Our team of qualified and practicing Midwives have simplified the knowledge you need to know into what we call the “The Baby Academy’s 5 Pillars”. At our workshops we cover one of these pillars: Baby Care. We also run 1-day antenatal classes that cover the other 4 Pillars, to help first-time expectant parents slice through the overwhelming amount of content around pregnancy and early parenthood. Knowing that the parents of today lead busy lives, we have designed a convenient 1-day class to bring you right up to scratch, covering all things pregnancy, labour and early parenthood. The class also includes Breastfeeding Preparation, Safe Sleep and Baby First Aid, all included as part of the class at no extra charge. We are delighted to announce that you can get a refund of 25%-100% on the 1-day Antenatal Class, depending on your health insurance policy. Please fill out your details below and we will let you know your discount.
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