Parenthood and the impact on your workforce

Our hypothesis: (i) There are Mums and Dads in your workforce (ii) Being a parent can bring various issues, such as increased stress and sleep deprivation (iii) These issues translate from the home to the workplace (iv) This impacts a company’s workforce and ultimately their bottom line (v) We can alleviate these issues and improve your bottom line

Here at The Baby Academy, we understand that there are few experiences as special and life-changing as the transition into parenthood. However, statistically, parenthood brings major challenges.

Up to 75% of mothers experience some level of post natal depression (PND) or anxiety issues. Without help, 30% of Mums with PND are still unwell after one year. Up to 50% of partners also become depressed.

Source: HSE

Within three years of the birth of a child, approximately two-thirds of couples find that the quality of their relationship declines.

Source: The Gottman Institute

Benefits of Breastfeeding

In Ireland, just 56% of mothers remain in the workplace after the birth of a third child (In Sweden this is 85%)

Source: Eurostat

Sleep Deprivation: Productivity losses associated with fatigue are estimated to cost €1,770 per employee annually. Additionally, presenteeism associated with individuals struggling with insomnia is considered to be equivalent to 8 days of lost work performance per year.

Source: Optisom

Other common issues include clashes in parenting styles, less sex, less down-time and increased financial strain. This all impacts mental health and increases stress.

How does this impact your organisation?

The combination of increased stress, sleep deprivation and a decreased probability of returning to work result in lower morale, decreased productivity and increased absenteeism.

Workplace related stress is the highest contributing factor to absenteeism.

Source: CIPD HR Practices in Ireland Survey 2019

One of the top three factors contributing to stress related absence are non-work factors; mainly relationships/families.

Source: CIPD HR Practices in Ireland Survey 2019

Parents not returning to work results in organisations losing talent, as well as un-optimised return on investment in their personnel. Furthermore, there is the additional cost of hiring and training replacement staff.

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