Welcome to The Parenting Chapter, by The Baby Academy

Here at The Baby Academy, we understand that there are few experiences as special and life-changing as the transition into parenthood. Parenthood can be tough and brings lots of challenges, so it is our mission to work with organisations to support the parents of their workforce.

Our team of health professionals and education experts have developed The Parenting Chapter; an evidence-based curriculum of workshops for corporate organisations, focused on supporting and optimising your organisation’s parents with children aged 0-10.

Parenthood Challenges

Up to 75% of mothers experience some level of post natal depression (PND) or anxiety issues. Without help, 30% of Mums with PND are still unwell after one year. Up to 50% of partners also become depressed.

Source: HSE

Within three years of the birth of a child, approximately two-thirds of couples find that the quality of their relationship declines.

Source: The Gottman Institute

Benefits of Breastfeeding

In Ireland, just 56% of mothers remain in the workplace after the birth of a third child (In Sweden this is 85%)

Source: Eurostat

Sleep Deprivation: Productivity losses associated with fatigue are estimated to cost €1,770 per employee annually. Additionally, presenteeism associated with individuals struggling with insomnia is considered to be equivalent to 8 days of lost work performance per year.

Source: Optisom

Other common issues include clashes in parenting styles, less sex, less down-time and increased financial strain. This all impacts mental health and increases stress.

How does this impact your organisation?

We set out to research parents in the workforce and gain insights from HR Managers:

Workplace related stress is the highest contributing factor to absenteeism.

Source: CIPD HR Practices in Ireland Survey 2019

One of the top three factors contributing to stress related absence are non-work factors; mainly relationships/families.

Source: CIPD HR Practices in Ireland Survey 2019

Parents not returning to work results in organisations losing talent, as well as un-optimised return on investment in their personnel. Furthermore, there is the additional cost of hiring and training replacement staff.

How we help

For employee:

Expertise education and support…
• 5x specialist workshops for parents and
partners of kids aged 0-10
• Additional classes for any expectant
parents and partners
Resulting in…
• Decreased stress
• Increased levels of sleep
• Improved mental-health

For company:

All-inclusive package…
• Designated liaison
• Full analytical and anonymised review
of staff experience via Qualtrics
• Email templates to promote workshops
• Staff booklets and office posters
Resulting in…
• Decreased absenteeism
• Increased staff morale
• Increased percentage of females
returning to work after maternity leave
• Increased productivity

“At WeWork we ensure only the highest quality courses and learning sessions are held at our buildings. We found The Parenting Chapter’s Child Behaviour workshop highly valuable. People took time away from their busy schedules to come and learn how Nurturing Positive Child behaviour could improve the relationship between themselves and their children. WeWork were really impressed with the Parenting Chapter’s professionalism and attention to detail.”
-Gabriella Nolan, Community Lead, WeWork Dublin.

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