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Given the evolving nature of Covid-19 and the uncertainty facing a large number of public gatherings around Ireland, we have made a number of decisions to support expectant parents during this time. To ensure the on-going availability of antenatal education, our team here at The Baby Academy have created an online antenatal class, ensuring you receive evidence-based information to make the best decisions for you and your baby. The online class is designed to help first-time expectant parents navigate the often overwhelming amount of content around pregnancy and early parenthood. We understand that becoming a parent for the first time can leave you wondering where to start. We provide the Mums and Dads of today with the most up-to-date and evidence-based information, whilst leaving you in control of making your own decisions.

The Baby Academy Online Antenatal Class

The ultimate antenatal class for expectant couples in their second or third trimester of pregnancy!
This online class covers everything from labour and birth to breastfeeding and safe sleep. We believe that Baby First Aid is one of the most important things you can learn as an expectant parent, so unlike other antenatal classes we’ve included it as part of the online class at no extra cost.


We recommend that both mother and partner watch the class together. All you require is a standard laptop or PC and internet connection.

We are delighted to announce that you can claim a refund of 25%-100% back on this class via health insurance depending on your plan. We can calculate your refund entitlement for you.


Claim a refund with your health insurance

To find out your refund entitlement, simply send us the name of your insurance plan by clicking here.

Refunds are offered by:

Either the mother or partner’s policy can be used if you are with VHI or Irish Life Health. The process for getting your refund is very simple. When you pay the fees we issue you with a receipt, that includes the information the insurance company requires. You send this receipt to your insurance company, who will then issue you with the relevant refund, usually within a couple of weeks.

A New and Convenient Baby Academy

We understand that the parents of today lead busy lives, so we have designed convenient a 1-day online antenatal class. It is our aim to provide you with knowledge, confidence and peace of mind.

Outstanding Education from Experts

Great education all start with one thing: great teaching. So we went on a mission to find the most well-loved and passionate instructors. Our team of midwives are leading experts in their field and ensure you leave our antenatal class armed with the knowledge you need to make your own decisions.

Supportive and Unbiased

At our online antenatal classes, we work passionately and thoughtfully, we ensure parents feel relaxed and are prepared for the life-changing journey ahead.

Meet the Family

All of our Online Antenatal Classes are delivered by qualified and practicing midwives who are passionate about education and helping you prepare for the arrival of your baby.


Susan Hogan

Co-Founder, Midwife and Head of Antenatal Education


Jean Rooney

Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Louise May

Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Aisling Shinnick The Baby Academy

Aisling Shinnick

Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Why choose us?

Learn from experts: We went on a mission to find the most passionate and expert Midwives in Ireland. With the online antenatal class from The Baby Academy, you will have peace-of-mind knowing that you are learning from the best.

Tailored for first time parents: We understand that becoming a parent for the first time can leave you wondering where to start. Our team of expert Midwives carefully tailored the class that will give you the knowledge and confidence for the arrival of your first baby and your first months of parenthood.

Modern: Our emphasis is on the practical and our Midwives draw on the very latest evidence-based research in a way that is engaging and supportive. We don’t preach, rather we empower you to make your own informed decisions.

CPR and choking: The feedback we get from parents is that their biggest fear is not knowing what to do in an emergency. So unlike other antenatal classes, we’ve included baby first aid as part of our online class for no extra cost. As well as advice on how to best child-proof your home for accident prevention, you will learn skills to prepare you for emergency medical situations should they arise, including what to do if your baby is unconscious, not breathing or choking.

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Answering the Questions from Expectant Parents

Since starting The Baby Academy, we have had hundreds of questions from first time expectant parents. From nappies, to diet, from baby finances to labour pains…and everything in between. All these questions might leave you wondering…where do I start?! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back and cut out that work for you. We have saved all our answers as blog posts so all you new Mums out there can find the answers from our expert Midwives.