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We are now running Live Online Antenatal Classes for 1st time expectant parents.

The Baby Academy Online Antenatal Class

The class has been developed by Senior Practicing Midwives and is delivered on our tailored virtual platform, where you can ask questions in real time. You will also receive a recording of the class which you can re-watch, pause and rewind as you wish for 6 months. You will be given full access to The Baby Academy resource page, where you will get a number of practical videos and a host of other valuable content, for the arrival of your baby. This online class covers everything from labour and birth, to breastfeeding and safe sleep. You will have the ability to ask any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy and Covid-19. We believe that Baby First Aid is one of the most important things you can learn as an expectant parent, so unlike other antenatal classes we’ve included it as part of the online class at no extra cost.

SPECIAL OFFER: €99 per couple

Claim a refund with your health insurance

We are delighted to announce that you can claim a refund of 30%-100% back on this class via health insurance depending on your plan. Either mother and partner’s policy can be used in most cases. We can calculate your refund entitlement for you (see below).

Refunds are offered by:

Either the mother or partner’s policy can be used if you are with VHI or Irish Life Health. The process for getting your refund is very simple. When you pay the fees we issue you with a receipt, that includes the information the insurance company requires. You send this receipt to your insurance company, who will then issue you with the relevant refund, usually within a couple of weeks.

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Free Online Workshop

We are also running a FREE Live Online Workshop. This 2-hour workshop will cover all things Baby Care.

Meet the Family

All of our Online Antenatal Classes are delivered by qualified and practicing midwives who are passionate about education and helping you prepare for the arrival of your baby.



Co-Founder, Midwife and Head of Antenatal Education



Midwife and Antenatal Instructor



Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Aisling Shinnick The Baby Academy


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

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Happy Parents

Highly recommend the baby academy, I have already recommended to many friends that have had a wonderful experience getting advice from the professionals, 5 stars and thumbs up 👍🏻
Nicola Rowley
Nicola R.
Just attended a great class here at the Baby Academy US. I really enjoyed the course content from start to finish and found it really easy to understand. The live demonstrations really helped! The content was really well laid out and they did a good job at covering the more difficult topics. Their class is excellent value for money and I can't recommend them enough.
Emma Nulty
Emma N.
Great communication and advice from all course. Very well run and extremely professional. Thanks.
Marcos Keaney
Marcos K.
Very useful and informative content in the course and professionally delivered. Plenty of resources and additional learning provided throughout. It gave us great peace of mind as we continue our journey towards welcoming baby into the world. Thanks very much Sue!
Ceara O'Connor
Ceara O.
Highly highly recommend babyacademy,I am nearly 37 weeks on my first due a little girl,very nervous scared and unsure especially with covid ,I did the baby care 2 hr class FREE loved it so much I booked in for the full day antinatal class and loved it ,my partner learned loads too and we definitely recommend it.I follow them on Instagram and have found them so helpful to get back to me about any little worries I have when I message and also they always have so much info daily on there page and stories .The class has prepared me before ,during and after pregnancy to care for baby Lily on the way and I can't thank them enough for all there support and info 🙏
Lisa Clarke
Lisa C.
I found the course excellent, so detailed and being a first-time mom Susan really put my mind at ease about a few topics. She has a very calm and relaxed way of presenting and having to cover so many topics in one day, really made it very interesting. I loved the way there was time for lots of Q&A’s after each section. As this gave an opportunity to recap on certain items, which was very useful. The course was recommended to me by a friend and I will certainly be encouraging any soon to be moms to sign up.Thanks again!
Ciara Nagle
Ciara N.
Thanks so much for a brilliant and extremely informative class. Learned loads and consolidated everything. Thanks again. Xxx
Lorna Byrne
Lorna B.
Excellent antenatal course. I would highly recommend. Susan was so informative and so giving of her time to answer all of our questions. We learned so much from the day and we are so glad we have the videos to watch back when the baby arrives. We didn't have to worry about taking notes or remember everything. We just sat back and enjoyed all the new information. I would highly recommend this course.
I attended the breastfeeding class with Fiona and it was absolutely brilliant! I would highly recommend it to anyone even remotely considering breastfeeding. Fiona created a lovely comfortable atmosphere. The small class size meant there was plenty of time for questions. The lecture was really well constructed, interesting, informative and well delivered. It was excellent value for money and I got most of it back with health insurance anyway.
Helen O' Connell
Helen O' C.
Very informative classes with knowledgeable and helpful midwives with so much experience. Very attentive aswell to respond to queries. Excellent detailed, understandable & informative notes. This is my first pregnancy and I feel alot more confident after the antenatal classes - all my questions and concerns were answered. I can not recommend the baby academy enough.
Aisling Leahy
Aisling L.
We can't recommend The Baby Academy enough!! We attended one of their free workshops on Baby Care and recently completed one of their Online Antenatal Classes. Susan was amazing, she explained everything perfectly and made sure we had all understood all the important concepts and got all our questions answered. We are very happy we went with The Baby Academy for our antenatal classes and recommend them to everyone.
Alba Molinero
Alba M.
We attented the Baby Acadamy Ante Natal Class and honestly I couldn't recommend it enough. It was very informative and as first time parents who are complete novices we found it so useful and we feel so much more prepared now than we did before the class. We loved Louise's informal laid back presentation style and enjoyed the day aswel as learning loads.Definitely worth the effort and the money, but some can claim that back so you've nothing to lose. Go for it!
Collette Feighery
Collette F.
Great class with lots of valuable information, lots of little tips and tricks were suggested. The class was small so individual attention was offered and plenty of questions could be asked and answered.
Karen Davis
Karen D.
Sue was knowledgable, patient and approachable. She had a really nice approach to sharing knowledge on the day and all the content was kept summarised but with an appropriate level of detail and an emphasis on positivity.
Christina Rafferty
Christina R.
This was such an informative, engaging and extremely well run day. My husband and I loved the info we got and spent the next couple of days planning for the arrival of our little one in June. We can absolutely recommend this as a fantastic antenatal course!
Tamsen Hanlon
Tamsen H.
An extremely informative and worthwhile course. My wife and I learned some valuable tools for emergency situations. Content was easy to follow and very well presented.
Thomas Landy
Thomas L.
My husband and I attended Jean's class back in January of this year. The class was extremely informative and Jean was brilliant to listen to. The guys working in the office are a great help too. We highly recommend that you choose The Baby Academy for your antenatal classes.
Lisa O'Brien
Lisa O.
We found Ali really good in the Galway baby first aid class. Great interaction with the group. Great demonstrations & a bubbly personality. Overall it was a great experience and we felt more confident afterwards.
Aoife Haugh
Aoife H.
I attended The Baby Academy’s one day antenatal class this month and where do I start. WOW! I literally can not recommend this place enough. First of all the fact everything was covered in one day was just so convenient for me and my husband with us both working full-time. The quality of the instructing was just unbelievable, listening and learning from a midwife who is so knowledgeable has put me at such ease. The baby first aid part was my hubby’s favourite. We now feel so prepared for the months ahead.
Louise Kennedy
Louise K.
Have had 2 antenanal classes with The Baby Academy and have gained a lot of confidence and knowledge you need so much as a first-time parents, instructors were just perfect and you do eaach class as a full day on weekend, so there is no need to do more short antenatal classes which is a huge advantage for a full time working couples.Highly recommend!
Anna N
Anna N
We travelled from Cork to attend the hypnobirthing day course and were very happy with what was delivered. I was slightly nervous it would be based on airy fairy methods and my husband was very sceptical but all the information was science and medical based. Everything Sue delivered made so much sense and she also gave us the tools to implement the techniques in a practical way. I've spent the last 6 months stressing about how I'm going to attempt our 2nd birth without an epidural and having it be a positive experience this time round, but now I'm quite confident that I can use what was given to us on the course to have a good chance of that happening. Even if someone does want a birth with an epidural etc. I would still highly recommend Sue's course as the best chance to have a calm, happy birthing experience.
Emma Conroy
Emma C.
The course was great value and really practical, covering a wide range of issues. Niamh was really clear and helpful so I’m much more confident now that if my baby needs first aid, I’ll know what to do. You also get a set of notes to look over when you get home.
Emma Hanrahan
Emma H.
Have been to two ante natal classes with Jean from the baby academy and found both fantastic. As a first time Mam it was informative & instructive but also practical. Would highly recommend & currently looking forward to the baby first aid class. Thanks to the team at baby academy.
Sarah Hennessy
Sarah H.
A huge thank you to Sue for an amazing HypnoBirthing class. The class covered everything we could possibly need to know and we feel totally prepared to bring our little one into the world now. Knowledge is definitely power and I would highly recommend the HypnoBirthing class for all parents-to-be.
Lisa Kavanagh
Lisa K.
We cannot recommend this class enough as first time parents we were completely clueless about everything. Sue presented the class in lovely way and her knowledge was incredible. We went in feeling completely unsure and intimidated by what lay ahead when it comes to giving birth. Both myself and my husband left feeling very positive and really prepared for the big day. The class Completely exceeded our expectations.
Lyndsey Harper
Lyndsey H.
My wife and I attended a baby first aid course which we found very useful. Elaine had lots of useful tips and practical advice, and answered all our questions effectively. I found having proper neonatal as well as adult CPR dummies and AEDs you could actually use very informative. Coincidentally, we also attended a 4 week hypnobirthing class in the Rotunda with Sue which was also reassuring and informative.
Simon Carroll
Simon C.
Myself, my wife and 3 month old attended the sleep well for babies course with Erica. The course was very informative and we have put a lot of the guidance into practice which is improving sleep (for both baby and parents!). Highly recommend
Ciaran Sutton
Ciaran S.
Learned a lot from their content and the teachers were able to answer all my questions. Highly recommended for new or expectant parents.
Marcos Keaney
Marcos K.
Great wealth of knowledge. Thanks guys
King Castle
King C.
Brilliant course, would highly recommend!!
Nick Saltwell
Nick S.
Myself and my husband are expecting our first child. During lock down we were worried we were not prepared to care for our new born or birth. Thanks to the Baby Academy we now feel prepared and full of confidence going forward. We took part in the full day online live course. It was a great session, full of key and vital advice about birth, medication available during labour, baby first aid, breast and bottle feeding and sleep; all of which has not been available to us throughout the current lockdown from our local anti natal classes. It was a great way for working parents to access advice on a weekend.Friendly, warm and welcoming.All resources shared after course including notes and offers of further support. Couldn’t recommend the team at Baby Academy more highly.
Michelle Broderick
Michelle B.
Brilliant class. After attending the free online session and finding out my local antenatal class had been cancelled, it was a 'no brainer' to book onto the online day class. So glad I did. Ellie was a great instructor and her upbeat personality helped me power through the third-trimester tiredness. They went through the class at a steady pace and allowed question sessions using the online chat function. Very reasonable price for the quality and content of the course.
Sarah R
Sarah R
An excellent online antenatal course which my husband and I found incredibly useful and informative.As a first time Mum I had a lot of questions which were answered in detail during the course and during the Q and A sessions.I was disappointed that I couldn't attend antenatal classes due to the pandemic but this online course has boosted my confidence and equipped me for labour and parenting.I would highly recommend.
Justine Sowerbutts
Justine S.
A fantastic day course which has been very informative. Ghislaine had a fantastic approach to sharing such detailed information that is so important for first-time mums.This course has been worth every penny, especially under such difficult and uncertain times. Thank you for helping me to have more of an insight into labour and everything else.Many thanks
lisa cobb
lisa C.
Fantastic online antenatal course. So useful and interesting, the session was professional but relaxed so felt you could ask questions. Learnt so much and definitely signing up for more classes!
Ruth Stone
Ruth S.

Answering the Questions from Expectant Parents

Since starting The Baby Academy, we have had hundreds of questions from first time expectant parents. From nappies, to diet, from baby finances to labour pains…and everything in between. All these questions might leave you wondering…where do I start?! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back and cut out that work for you. We have saved all our answers as blog posts so all you new Mums out there can find the answers from our expert Midwives.