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We had an idea to modernise prenatal and postnatal 1-day courses in Ireland. We are midwife-led and parent-centric. We are passionate about helping new and expectant parents. Our aim is to provide the parents of today with the most up to date, evidence based information, whilst leaving you in control of making your own decisions. Our courses are comprehensive, unbiased and supportive. Attend courses in our venues in South Dublin, North Dublin, Cork and Galway.


This course is for expectant parents

This course is tailored for those in their third trimester of pregnancy and looking for the most up-to-date and evidence based information. This course de-mystifies the journey through pregnancy by showing you what to expect through labour, birth and early parenthood. €175 per couple.


This course is for expectant parents

This course is designed to reduce fear and build confidence surrounding birth. Using techniques such as breathing and visualisation, the aim is to maximise your chances of having a calm, comfortable labour and birth, with as little discomfort as possible (or no discomfort at all!). €175 per couple.

Breastfeeding Preparation

This course is for both expectant and existing mothers

Although breastfeeding is natural, it is a learned skill. Whether you are a first time Mum or found breastfeeding a challenge in the past, this course will empower you with knowledge and equip you with skills to breastfeed your little one with confidence. €45 per mother (babies and partners welcome to join for free).

Self Care for Mums

This course is for all you Mums out there

Only when you become a mother is the significance of the relationship you have with yourself so apparent. This course aims to improve your overall wellbeing, learn new resilience skills and learn how to empower yourself to move forward. Our mission is to make you feel and live better. €90 per Mum.

Baby First Aid

This course is for both expectant and existing parents

The feedback from parents is that their biggest fear is not knowing what to do in an emergency. This course will prepare you for emergency situations such as CPR and choking should they arise. A baby first aid class is a must for all new parents to help you feel confident and equipped! €90 per individual or €175 per couple.

Sleep Well for Babies

This course is for both expectant and existing parents

Many parents are no strangers to sheer exhaustion and sleep deprivation. This course aims to transform your baby’s sleep, with expert advice and tips from our Certified Sleep Consultant. €45 per individual.

A New and Convenient Baby Academy

After listening to parents, we have designed courses that slice through the overwhelming and fragmented information on the internet and elsewhere. We understand that the parents of today lead busy lives, so have designed 1-day courses, taking place on weekends in venues nationwide.

Outstanding Instructors

So we went on a mission to find the most well-loved and passionate instructors in Ireland. Our team of Midwives, Nurses, Consultants and Health Professionals are leading experts in their field. There are few experiences as special and life-changing as the transition into parenthood, and it’s our absolute privilege to support parents on their journey.

Unbiased, Supportive & Fun

For our prenatal courses, we bring together expectant parents, whose babies are due around the same time. Working passionately and thoughtfully, we ensure parents feel relaxed and are prepared for the life-changing journey ahead, and gain a brand new set of friends to share it with. Postnatal courses give parents the opportunity to meet others who have experienced similar times in their lives.

Meet the Family

Our dedicated team of passionate instructors are excited to empower you on your journey through pregnancy and parenthood.


Susan Hogan

Co-Founder and Midwife


Jean Rooney

Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Fiona Dillon

Midwife and Lactation Consultant


Erica Hargaden

Sleep Consultant


Aisling Killoran

Hypnobirthing Instructor


Louise May

Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Niamh Gaffney

Niamh Gaffney

Paediatric First Aid Instructor


Irene Lowry


Elaine O'Rourke

Elaine O’Rourke

Paediatric First Aid Instructor

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Support Service

Whilst we hope your pregnancy, birth and parenthood are a positive experience, we understand that pregnancy and life after a new born can be difficult for some. The Baby Academy has partnered with Nurture Health, a nationwide counselling service, delivering immediate, timely and affordable counselling supports surrounding conception, pregnancy, childbirth and other related difficulties.

Collectively, we understand that pregnancy and life after a new born can be difficult for some and this partnership hopes to break the silence around this by helping women and their partners. The areas of wellbeing supported are: (i) Depression in Pregnancy (ii) Postnatal Depression (iii) Premature Babies (iv) Traumatic Birth (v) IVF (vi) Miscarriage (vii) Loss of a Baby (viii) Plus other related life choices such as non judgmental support around a termination

For more information and support, please visit www.nurturehealth.ie

Nurture Health

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