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We deliver Live Online Classes for expectant parents across Ireland, delivered on our tailored and interactive platform. We are a modern alternative, drawing on the very latest evidence-based research. And what’s better, our classes are delivered by the country’s leading experts.

Ultimate Antenatal Class

This convenient 1-day class is designed to give 1st-time Mums and partners the tools for the journey into parenthood. Our Midwives will guide you through what you need to know, covering topics such as labour, birth itself, postnatal depression, breastfeeding and Baby First Aid.

SPECIAL OFFER: €99 per couple

Ultimate Baby
First Aid Class

This 3-hour class, gives parents, grandparents and carers, the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency. Our Instructors will guide you through the precautions and protocols needed in emergencies which can aid saving your baby’s life, covering topics such as CPR, choking, burns, lacerations, trauma and other common baby issues.

SPECIAL OFFER: €69 per couple

Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Although breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally and is a learned skill. This half-day class will set you up for breastfeeding success and ensure you know how to troubleshoot challenges that may arise. The expert content is delivered by our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

SPECIAL OFFER: €69 per couple

Claim a refund with your health insurance

Here at The Baby Academy, we are delighted to announce that you can claim a refund of 30%-100% on our Ultimate Antenatal Classes, Ultimate Breastfeeding Classes and a HALF PRICE discount on our Ultimate Baby First Aid Classes. Either mother’s or partner’s policy can be used in most cases. There are specific codes/details we have, meaning we can calculate your refund for you. Simply fill out the form below.

Free Baby Care Workshop

We are running a FREE online Baby-Care Workshop, to give you all the knowledge for those first few days and weeks at home with baby. This 2-hour live workshop will cover everything from cord care to safe sleep.

Free Baby Safety Workshop

We are running a FREE online Baby Safety Workshop. This 90 minute workshop equips you with the tools to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Free ‘Prepare to Breastfeed’ Workshop

We are running a FREE online ‘Prepare to Breastfeed’ Workshop. This 90-minute workshop will show you what you can do now, during pregnancy, to get set for breastfeeding your little one with confidence.

Meet the Family

All of our online classes are delivered by qualified and practicing midwives who are passionate about education and helping you prepare for the arrival of your baby.


Co-Founder, Midwife and Head of Antenatal Education


Midwife and
Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and
Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and
Antenatal Instructor


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Children’s Emergency

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Happy Parents

Definitely advised. I found all the Baby Academy online courses to be infornative, useful and high quality. I really liked attending many of their interesting classes!
Chiara Brigato
Chiara B.
That was great, really easy to understand, very informative, covered so many topics. Will definitely recommend. Thanks a million Elaine and everyone at the baby academy. Great to have for any parents or people working with babies or toddlers. Also covers CPR for older children / adults too.
Lynsey Toner
Lynsey T.
It was a really lovely course. Jean was very good at explaining everything and made it way easier to understand. Great course would recommend to friends and Family.
Catherine Brophy
Catherine B.
I loved to take the antenatal classes. I'm a first time mom and I had no clue about " time to go to hospital, breastfeeding, baby safety, bath and etc". So many things I've learned. I can definitely say I feel more confident now. I super recommend the baby academy online classes. Jean was fantastic 👏.
Moni LR
Moni L.
Brilliant antenatal class, thank you so much Jean! Lively and very informative. We feel more prepared to welcome our first one in July!Free classes are amazing too - great content and midwives always very knowlegeable & enthusiastic.
Aure Lia
Aure L.
Great classes. A lot of information
Monika O'Mahony
Monika O.
I can't recommend the Baby Academy classes enough. Myself and my husband have attended the free 2 hour breastfeeding class and another free baby safety class. We then attended a full day antenatal class yesterday hosted by the lovely Jean. What a fabulous class. Jean is amazing and so informative. She made the class really interesting, you could listen to her all day. We've learned so much from these Baby Academy classes and feel much more confident and comfortable for the arrival of our baba. Thank you ladies!
Elaine Gallagher
Elaine G.
Did the free baby care workshop and found it excellent so signed up for the full day. It was so comprehensive and the midwife Jean who gave the course was so lovely and informative and managed to deliver so much content without it being overwhelming. Would highly recommend to any first time expecting parents!
Shonagh O' Connor
Shonagh O' C.
I can't recommend the Baby Academy courses highly enough. A friend sent me an instagram link to the free Baby Care workshop and I subsequently did the baby safety free workshop. These courses were so good I then signed up for the full day Ante-Natal course, even though I am in the process of doing the HSE ante natal classes based out of my maternity hospital. I signed up because the quality of every course I had attended was second to none - the midwives are so well informed, engaging and make the workshops so practical and fun. I'm a first time mam and actually feel very well prepared now with really good hints and practical tips, in addition to must know information. I genuinely didn't feel the full day go with Sonia. She was incredible. Thanks so much to The Baby Academy
Hilary Parkinson
Hilary P.
Such well delivered online ante-natal classes by very good health professionals. Extrememly informative and invaluable to those first time expectant Mums to be. We enjoyed it so much and got so much out of it.
Laura Hackett
Laura H.
Loved the sessions provided by them, I liked the team specially as they are very humble and patient in dealing with all kind of questions. The best utilisation of money so far!
Komal Sethi
Komal S.
I first signed up for the free baby academy antenatal class and my partner and I loved it so much we booked the full day one straight after! Both classes were absolutely amazing, very informative but also thoroughly enjoyable😊 the classes feel like getting advice from a friend, as opposed to a lecture. We are both feeling like pros after the classes and we can’t wait to put all our knowledge to good use in a few weeks. Thanks baby academy❤️
Emily McDonald
Emily M.
Thanks to Louise for a great class! I have completed both the free 2 hour Baby Care Workshop and the Ultimate Antenatal Class and I truly believe that these classes are an invaluable resource for anyone expecting a baby. I particularly appreciate how much the partner is included and encouraged to participate, which is so important.
Tara Heffernan
Tara H.
Great one day Antenatal Classes run online. So informative and midwife Louise was so grounded- it didnt feel overwhelming. Worth the fee and more! 🙂 Also did the two hour Baby care workshop (free) with Jean and she was amazing too. Made all the learning easy to understand and kept it relevant throughout the day.
Edwenia O'Malley
Edwenia O.
Hi , I’ve done both 2 hour and full day course with the baby academy , found it really helpful , easy to understand , and it’s brilliant you can keepThe notes up to six months !Well done to everyone at the baby academy !Lis
lisa o connell
lisa o C.
Would 100% recommend to anyone expecting a baby. Jean was amazing and answered all questions and put us all at ease
Stella Bajada
Stella B.
Great Course. Really enjoyed the flow and although there was a lot of info to take in the course it was not too heavy. The questions at the end of each section made it interactive also and actually allowed you to ask questions you might not do if you had to speak.Jean was a great instructor also!
Dónal Egan
Dónal E.
The Baby Academy hosted a superb online antenatal class from Jean at the weekend. Jean was really informative and has made us feel at ease about what is to come regarding labour and the 4th trimester. I would highly recommend you do this course (you won't regret it!) and you can also get money back from your health insurance for doing it which is a win win. With access to this information and a video of this live class for the next 6 months I know if I have any queries or forget something I have a resource to look back on.
Ciara Dolan
Ciara D.
We have attended both the free 2 hour and full day course offered by Baby Academy and we were extremely impressed by the presentation of the antenatal course as well as the speakers themselves! The best part was how all the information was explained to the point that you could see why certain things need to be done a certain way and what to expect from all stages of the pregnancy. The team were brilliant in answering all questions the class had and made the sessions very enjoyable and easy to follow. Would highly recommend! We have told any of our family and friends expecting to check it out (Shout out to Sue and Aisling who did our sessions they were fab!)
Orla & Chris Wedding
Orla & Chris W.
Great class with loads of information and all very well delivered by Midwife Aisling. Answered all of our questions. Very convenient 1 day course.
Louise Farrell
Louise F.
Great class, Louise was amazing.Provided plenty of useful information, answered all our questions in a very easy simple way. Made the class very dynamic (can't be easy to do as a video class!).Would definitely recommend this course (specially for first time parents).Thank you so much baby academy for putting our minds at ease!
Sara MC
Sara M.
Really enjoyed the class. Louise is bubbly and full of personality! It was super informative and enjoyable. I will be recommending this to my fellow moms to be. Thank you
Olivia Kenealy
Olivia K.
It was a very informative class. The midwifes‘ knowledge on the material was excellent. They answered all the questions asked and they were very helpful. I would highly recommend this class.
Brid Hemmingway
Brid H.
Just finished the full day class with Louise. Really worthwhile to take the time to do this class, Lousie is a wealth of infortmation. I feel very reassured now and more prepared for our little mans arrival in a few weeks. If your thinking of doing an antental class,don't hesitate any further and book the Baby Academy class. Thank you again :
Caoimhe O'Donnell
Caoimhe O.
Really fantastic! Excellently organised and presented. There was so much useful information to take in so it's great to be getting a recording to rewatch over the coming weeks.As an expat living in Italy, this was a great course to attend - up to now I've been navigating my pregnancy through Italian so it was lovely to hear an Irish accent and connect with home!
Aisling Sullivan
Aisling S.
Thank you so much to Jean and The Baby Academy! The online antenatal class was so informative without being info overload.
Roisin Finnegan
Roisin F.
We both just said we think it could be hard for you to improve it. It was excellent. And so reassuring and informative. Will be recommending to everyone. Jean was truly excellent. There's nothing she didn't know and really reassuring. She must be exhausted after that! Thanks a mill.
Dearbhla Nolan
Dearbhla N.
Thank you so much to the Baby Academy. I recently attended the online antenatal class. It was so informative and has made me feel so much more at ease to welcome the little one into this world! The knowledge gained has been invaluable and I would recommend to any couple. Thanks again 🙂
Jennifer Garvey
Jennifer G.
We learned so much from this course!! Soooo glad we did it & it’s great to get the recording afterwards too as there’s so much to take in!Definitely feeling more relaxed about everything now.Thanks again!! ❤
Jessica Liston
Jessica L.
Very useful and informative content in the course and professionally delivered. Plenty of resources and additional learning provided throughout. It gave us great peace of mind as we continue our journey towards welcoming baby into the world. Thanks very much Sue!
Ceara O'Connor
Ceara O.
Highly highly recommend babyacademy,I am nearly 37 weeks on my first due a little girl,very nervous scared and unsure especially with covid ,I did the baby care 2 hr class FREE loved it so much I booked in for the full day antinatal class and loved it ,my partner learned loads too and we definitely recommend it.I follow them on Instagram and have found them so helpful to get back to me about any little worries I have when I message and also they always have so much info daily on there page and stories .The class has prepared me before ,during and after pregnancy to care for baby Lily on the way and I can't thank them enough for all there support and info 🙏
Lisa Clarke
Lisa C.
I found the course excellent, so detailed and being a first-time mom Susan really put my mind at ease about a few topics. She has a very calm and relaxed way of presenting and having to cover so many topics in one day, really made it very interesting. I loved the way there was time for lots of Q&A’s after each section. As this gave an opportunity to recap on certain items, which was very useful.The course was recommended to me by a friend and I will certainly be encouraging any soon to be moms to sign up.Thanks again!
Ciara Nagle
Ciara N.
Thanks so much for a brilliant and extremely informative class. Learned loads and consolidated everything.Thanks again. Xxx
Lorna Byrne
Lorna B.
Excellent antenatal course. I would highly recommend. Susan was so informative and so giving of her time to answer all of our questions. We learned so much from the day and we are so glad we have the videos to watch back when the baby arrives. We didn't have to worry about taking notes or remember everything. We just sat back and enjoyed all the new information. I would highly recommend this course.
I attended the breastfeeding class with Fiona and it was absolutely brilliant! I would highly recommend it to anyone even remotely considering breastfeeding. Fiona created a lovely comfortable atmosphere. The small class size meant there was plenty of time for questions. The lecture was really well constructed, interesting, informative and well delivered. It was excellent value for money and I got most of it back with health insurance anyway.
Helen O' Connell
Helen O' C.
Very informative classes with knowledgeable and helpful midwives with so much experience. Very attentive aswell to respond to queries. Excellent detailed, understandable & informative notes. This is my first pregnancy and I feel alot more confident after the antenatal classes - all my questions and concerns were answered.I can not recommend the baby academy enough.
Aisling Leahy
Aisling L.

Answering the Questions from Expectant Parents

Since starting The Baby Academy, we have had hundreds of questions from first time expectant parents. From nappies, to diet, from baby finances to labour pains…and everything in between. All these questions might leave you wondering…where do I start?! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back and cut out that work for you. We have saved all our answers as blog posts so all you new Mums out there can find the answers from our expert Midwives.